Course Title:
ASNT/ACCP Level III - Penetrant Testing

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Suitable for:

NDT personnel requiring US based certification

Course Content:

These ASNT Refresher Courses use material produced by ASNT and review each attendee's knowledge of the Level III body of knowledge for the specified NDT method. ACCP Level III examinations will be arranged immediately following each course.

Course Objectives:

Preparation for ASNT centrally certificated Level III examinations

Additional Information:

ASNT offers Level II certifications. The ACCP Professional Level III is an extension of the traditional ASNT NDT Level III certification adding a practical examination and a procedure writing examination. Both the ACCP Level II and ACCP Professional Level III certifications incorporate examination components that fit within employer-based qualification and certification programmes. The first ACCP Professional Level III was certified in 1996 and the first ACCP Level II in 1997.

Attendees wishing to purchase the text books should contact the Training Centre at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the course so that the books can be available and paid for prior to the starting date.

Career Progression: