Course Title:
Guided Wave Testing of Pipes and Pipelines - Level 1 (CSWIP approved)

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Suitable for:

NDT inspectors new to the field of guided wave inspections of pipes and pipelines who will be under the supervision of more experienced and qualified personnel.

Course Content:

Introduction to Teletest FOCUS+equipment; introduction to Teletest FOCUS+software; selection of testing parameters; data collection; assessment of data quality; introduction to data interpretation; data handling and storage; basic reporting.

The course ends with a CSWIP certification examination (optional).

Course Objectives:
  • To gain a basic understanding of Guided Wave Testing
  • To be able to perform an inspection using the Teletest FOCUS+ system (including equipment testing, setup and data collection)
  • To carry out data interpretation and reporting under close supervision of certified CSWIP Level 2 Guided Wave Testing personnel

Additional Information:

No mandatory course entry requirements, however ultrasonic background is highly recommended.