Course Title:
MMA Wet Welding to AWS D3.6 Codings

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Suitable for:

Professional divers who wish to further their experience in MMA wet welding techniques. Candidates must hold an in-date HSE approved divers medical certificate.

Course Content:

Theoretical instruction including weld terminology, weld design, weld defects and applications; dry practical exercises including bead-on-plate and fillet welds; comprehensive tuition on underwater wet welding techniques and practical exercises; welding test to AWS D3.6 Class B coding witnessed by Lloyd's Register of Shipping.

Certification/Awarding Body:

Course Objectives:
  • To explain the theoretical principles of MMA welding
  • To train students to pass welder approval qualifications that are witnessed by Lloyd's Register of Shipping.

Additional Information:

9 day course and 1 day exam (date to be arranged when booking and subject to availability). Fee includes welder qualification testing to AWS D3.6 Class B that is witnessed by Lloyd's Register.

Note: Certification issued by Lloyd's Register of Shipping.