Course Title:
Underwater Landscaping (KL only)

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Suitable for:

The course is intended for those personnel who want to become commercial environmental divers for the restoration of the marine environment industry for the resort and related industries. The course would be of interest for personnel interested in underwater architecture and similar projects.

Course Content:

The duration of this course is 5 days - 3 days practical, 1.5 days theory and half a day examination.

The course will teach candidates how to use commercial diving equipment and methodology to establish underwater landscapes by creating and placing subsea structures. They will also learn how to graft and nurture the various marine flora and fauna onto these concrete subsea structures.

Course Objectives:

The aim of this introductory course is for all participants to gain theoretical knowledge and practical competency in the following:

  • Introduction and basic uses of concrete and other materials to create subsea structures
  • Applying safety application to the IMCA D-016 for the use of airlift bags for movement of subsea structures
  • Grafting of marine flora and fauna
  • Marine life identification
  • Waste recycling application
  • Placement of underwater lights powered by solar light panel
  • Creating concrete structures for placement underwater
  • Housekeeping of underwater structures

Additional Information:


  • Environmental commercial diving competency course
  • In-date diving medical
  • Age 18 (minimum)
  • Physically fit