Course Title:
Working at Height - Basic

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Falling from heights continued to be the biggest killer in workplaces and 90% of such accidents can be prevented. Throughout the years, many died or suffered serious injury as a result of falling from height at workplaces. All industries are exposed to the risks presented by falling hazard although the level of incidence varies considerably.

Course Content:

Day 1:
  • What is working at height?
  • Legislation
  • Work at heights regulations
  • Height and Safety at Work Act (UK)
  • Workplace Safety and Health Act (Singapore)
  • Steps towards risk assessment
  • Managing the falling hazard
  • Methods involved in working at height
  • Selection of equipment and inspection
  • Basic rescue system (lowering of casualty)
  • Practical session

Day 2:
  • Introduction to SKED stretcher
  • Methods for handling stretcher (unrolling and lay flat)
  • How to place a casualty on the stretcher (log roll method)
  • How to place a casualty on the stretcher (slide method)
  • How to position and fasten stretcher straps and buckles
  • Horizontal lift and decent methods
  • Other accessories, removable webbing handles
  • Backpack and towing harness
  • Rolling up the stretcher
  • Optional quick connect and quick release buckle kit
  • Practical use of pre-rigged pulley system with stretcher
  • Practical use of tripod with stretcher

This affiliated course is delivered in conjunction with TWI SEA at its state-of-the-art facilities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Course Objectives:

  • An outlook of the legislation relating to work at heights and a guide to the options on how to comply
  • The details behind the equipment standards to ensure usage within the intended purpose
  • Methods to be adopted for rescue operations with specialized equipment such as SKED Stretcher
  • The course focuses on a high degree of practical training

Additional Information:

Satisfactory completion of the written and practical assessment elements is a pre-requisite for successful award of certification.

None required