Enhancing TWI's eLearning Product Range And Launching Electronic Examinations

TWI, as a global provider for technical training and examinations, aims to provide the most competent inspection personnel for industry. We pride ourselves on prioritising quality, while keeping up-to-date with the latest industry changes in order to maximise the benefits for customers.

As part of our efforts to continually improve the training offering, TWI is extending the range of eLearning products on offer through the TWI Virtual Academy and introducing electronic examinations for CSWIP certification.

Our eLearning products fall into two categories; pre-learning materials and blended learning products.

Pre-learning materials are provided to customers ahead of a training course. These materials provide additional information on theoretical concepts to offer a head-start to trainees who have booked to attend a course. Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT) and Penetrant Testing (PT) eLearning modules have just been added to the pre-course materials available and they are being given free of charge to all candidates booking on those courses.

Blended learning products are closely linked to certification and allow trainees the chance to study in their own time, thereby reducing classroom attendance requirements as well as time taken away from work and any subsistence costs incurred in attending a course in person. These eLearning materials work in conjunction with classroom-based study to provide a more flexible learning experience.

Finally, TWI is extending the range of electronic examination options already available for Welding Inspection to include NDT training options. TWI's electronic examinations are designed with the highest levels of integrity, offering the advantage of reduced exam turnaround times, which means that customers will get their results and be able to use the benefits of a new qualification sooner. The first available NDT electronic exam is the Radiographic Interpretation (RI) Level 2 exam for CSWIP certification.

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Enhancing TWI's eLearning Product Range And Launching Electronic Examinations