New BGAS-CSWIP Pipeline Inspection Courses

Are you considering employment in the gas transmission industry? If so, these two new courses may be of interest:

  • Pipeline Welding Inspection
  • Senior Pipeline inspector

While these courses are designed for those who wish to work on pipelines, the knowledge and practical aspects of the courses can be used in many other sectors. Plus, while these courses were developed in line with the procedures and standards used by the UK National Grid, these have been adopted by many other countries and companies.

BGAS-CSWIP training and certification is recognised worldwide for oil and gas developments and in the petro-chemical industry.

Pipeline Welding Inspection

Pipeline Welding Inspectors specialise in controlling the welding activities on pipelines, whether a conventional cross-country pipeline or monitoring welders on hot taps, they are trained to ensure the specifications are being worked to.

This training course requires one month of experience before examination.

This training course is available in the classroom-based or Zoom formats.

Senior Pipeline inspection

These more senior inspectors work on-site alongside engineers, inspectors, welders, operators and clients to ensure compliance is met. This highly-skilled and in-demand role within the pipeline industry requires lots of experience in order to run all on-site inspection activities.

This training course requires candidates to have 24 months of experience and to submit their CVs prior to attending.

While it is possible to deliver this course via Zoom, the senior pipeline inspection training will require a practical non-destructive testing element to be performed in-person – find out more.

Entry requirements for both the above courses are available here.

We are able to schedule specific training courses as required by candidates, including online through a virtual college system. Plus, TWI is always working to develop new courses and materials for the BGAS-CSWIP scheme.­