QC Inspector Daniel McBurney Forges Ahead Despite COVID

Daniel McBurney is Altrads QC Lead Inspector at Pembroke Refinery where he is responsible for preparing the QAQC requirements for the upcoming 2021 shutdown.

With qualifications including CSWIP Visual and Welding Inspector, PCN Level 2 Penetrant/RWC, Daniel attended the CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector online course as a self-sponsored student. Having completed the online learning aspect of the course, Daniel then attended the refresher training and exam aspect of the course in person at TWI.

Of course, COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind at the moment and it was due to the pandemic that Daniel decided to opt for an online course, saying it was a safer option right now. Staying self-sufficient with his learning, Daniel didn’t take up the option to contact his lecturer for support, instead reading up on the course and revising on his own.

While admitting that he tends to prefer classroom learning since he prefers to see how things work in person rather than just reading books, Daniel found the online course good and enjoyed the tests. As a result of his experience, he now says that he would be happy to choose either online or in-person learning next time, depending on the circumstances of course!

Daniel was in the classroom for the refresher training and praised the COVID-19 measures that were in place, saying they were “excellent,” adding that he “felt at ease the whole time; very safe environment to study in.”

He was also full of praise for our lecturer, Steve Jones, saying, “I would like to say that Steve Jones is an excellent tutor, if not one of the best in the industry. He has in-depth technical knowledge and you learn a lot from Steve.”

Daniel said that he would definitely recommend TWI to his colleagues due to the level of learning to be gained, noting that the course has “put me in good stead for my career’s progression.” He explained that the course “has helped me acquire knowledge on various subjects that helps in my day-to-day roles.”

So, what’s next for Daniel?

He concluded by saying that his next steps may be either a welding engineering diploma or an auditing course to continue his career progression. 

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