A qualification in CSWIP Welding Inspection from TWI can open doors to rewarding and varied careers anywhere in the world.

Many contractors now cite CSWIP certification as a requirement for employment in this area, to prove you can perform work to a safe and professional standard, while also helping to reduce the cost and time spent on rework or repairs and ensuring projects are delivered on time.

Completing a welding inspection course and gaining a qualification provides a thorough understanding of the role and the confidence to perform it to a high standard. In addition, welding technology knowledge gained from CSWIP welding inspection courses will help support your development of responsible welding coordinator competence.

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Hafiz Jamaluddin

Case study

Hafiz Jamaluddin reveals how he has grown his qualifications from studying at welding college to working for a degree and the career advantages offered by TWI Training.

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Visual Welding Inspection

Welding Inspection

Senior Welding Inspection

Welding Inspection - Bridging and Exam

Refresher Training

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Career path

The CSWIP welding inspection programme offers you an internationally recognised qualification based on your competence and a vertical progression to senior inspector, a pre-requisite for many job applications.

Requiring a high level of skill and knowledge, welding inspection is an excellent career choice if you wish for a transition from a general engineering or welding background into a more specialised and prestigious role.

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eLearning with TWI

Online Course

The online material for the CSWIP Welding Inspector Online course covers approximately 3 days learning.

The material will be provided after you log on this site and a tutor will be assigned to help with any questions and to assess your home works.

At the end of the package, those wishing to progress to examination, will complete a further 1 day practical training followed by one day examination at one of TWI's Training Centres (provided that entry requirements are met).

CSWIP Welding Inspector Online Course

Pre-course eLearning packages

This will give you thorough eLearning experience and an essential foundation of knowledge before attending the full, classroom-based CSWIP welding inspection course. It will also allow you to identify areas of weakness or uncertainty that can be discussed with the lecturer during the full course delivery.

CSWIP Welding Inspector PLUS Theory Pre-course eLearning Package

CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector PLUS Theory Pre-course eLearning Package

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Refresher eLearning packages

The eLearning package are ideal if you need to refresh your welding inspection theory prior to re-taking an examination or prior to your CSWIP 10-year renewal examinations for welding inspector levels 2 and 3.

You also have the option of a practical and/or theory refresher course if you need some preparation for the practical part of the CSWIP 10-year renewal examinations for welding inspector level 1, 2 or 3.

CSWIP Senior Welding Inspection Theory Refresher eLearning Package

CSWIP Welding Inspector Theory Refresher eLearning Package

Welding Inspection Refresher - Practical and/or Theory

A career in Welding Inspection

Darren Jefferies explains how to get into or progress a career in welding inspection.

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What a welding inspector should know

In addition to inspecting welds, you will need to have competence and knowledge of metallurgy, welding processes, destructive and non-destructive testing, welding consumables, welding procedures, welder qualifications, heat treatments and why welds fail.

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CSWIP renewal

Find out how to renew your CSWIP certificate by contacting CSWIP directly - they will be happy to help.


Globally recognised qualifications

You can access the scheme documentation which includes detailed information regarding entry requirements here

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Professional Membership of The Welding Institute

Membership gives you access to all the technical knowledge that you need and will also make it easier for you to achieve your own personal learning and development goals.

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Frequently asked questions

Try our list of frequently asked questions.

If you can’t find an answer, please contact us using the button below: Contact customer services

Can I attend the CSWIP welding inspector with previous experience/qualifications in NDT?

Yes, it is possible if you also have a verified experience in visually inspecting welds.

I passed the visual welding inspector, can I go straight onto the next level (welding inspector) or do I require a certain element of experience?

You have to hold this level for a minimum of two years before moving to the next level.

Once I have attended the CSWIP welding inspector course, how long do I have to leave it before attending the CSWIP senior welding inspector?

You have to hold the CSWIP welding inspector level for a minimum of two years before moving to the next level.

What does a CSWIP welding inspection qualification allow me to do?

Detailed information is available in the CSWIP document.

What is involved in the additional radiographic interpretation part of the CSWIP senior welding inspector examination?

It involves the interpretation of at least 6 radiographs, densometry readings, sensitivity calculations and a 20 question multi-choice paper on radiography theory.

I would like to become a responsible welding coordinator, would having a CSWIP qualification help?

The welding technology knowledge gained from CSWIP welding inspection courses will help support your development of responsible welding coordinator competence.

How do I get a log book and stamp?

These are available from CSWIP – please contact them directly, they will be happy to help you.