TWI Training Profile: Joseph Stamp – Keeping It In The Family

It is fair to say that, for Joseph Stamp, training at TWI is something of a family tradition. Following in the footsteps of his father, Robert Stamp, Joseph has already undertaken a number of courses at TWI – all while working as a welding inspector for his dad’s company.

While you can read all about how his father, Chartered Engineer Robert Stamp trained with TWI, Joseph has also been training for his phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) certification with TWI. PAUT is an upcoming technique in the gas industry, which means that Joseph’s training is perfect for his work with gas pipelines.

While TWI’s venue near Cambridge is the closest to his work, the eLearning system meant that Joseph was able to keep working at his job while studying in his own time for the first week of the programme, only coming in to train on site for the second week of the classroom-based course.

However, Joseph says learning in his own time was no disadvantage as the eLearning was very clear, while the interactive exercises were both good and useful. He was also full of praise for the TWI trainers, who Joseph says were always well-prepared and very helpful. He also explained how there was plenty of opportunity for him to gain experience – adding that he was even able to stay behind after normal times for extra practice.

Given his own experience of training with TWI, it is perhaps little surprise that Joseph’s father was happy to cover the cost of the training and, having already completed several courses at TWI (including Rad Int, UT, MT, BGAS-CSWIP Site Coatings), Joseph says that he is already looking into other courses for the future.