TWI working with Inspection and Quality Services in southern Africa

TWI has been delivering training courses and examinations in South Africa for over 10 years but wished to expand further in order to offer more services to the region.

This desire to provide more resources to South Africa and surrounding areas led TWI to appoint Inspection and Quality Services (IQS) as the official South African Training Agent for all TWI training under the CSWIP scheme.

The CSWIP training and qualification scheme is strongly recognised by global business as a preferred qualification for inspection and NDT personnel, ensuring and proving that trainees are qualified to a standard accepted by industry around the world.

Inspection and Quality Services were also appointed as advocates of specialist TWI engineering services in the region, providing another aspect to the collaboration.

The appointment of IQS to this dual role marked a significant chapter in the planned development and growth of TWI in southern Africa.

Building on a rich history of working together, IQS’ managing director and founder, Alan Stothard, continues to promote both TWI and the CSWIP training and qualification scheme in Africa.

Training facilities ideally situated

The training facilities are in Boksburg, a central location that makes it possible to conduct business and coordinate training activities, not just in South Africa itself, but right across southern Africa.

With the training facility being close to Johannesburg International Airport as well as a variety of suitable accommodation facilities, IQS are perfectly placed to cater for the needs of visitors from further afield.

Further courses are planned to take place in conjunction with various clients in countries including Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, Ghana and Nigeria in the future.

These courses cover many of the most popular and in-demand qualifications offered by TWI Training, offering knowledge and experience that can be applied to a variety of industry sectors.

African Skills Enhancement Programme

IQS and TWI have already highlighted an urgent need to develop resource capabilities in southern Africa and, by working with industry stakeholders, it is hoped that organisations can be developed to maximise educational opportunities.

As part of this work, TWI and IQS’ newly launched the Africa Skills Enhancement Programme (ASEP) international vocational training initiative with the aim to upskill people in southern African nations with a focus on improving safety standards in the work environment.


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