Vu Linh Son - Striving for Excellence

With a promising job market in Vietnam, Vu Linh Son studied civil engineering at university before going on to work as a civil engineering assistant for 6 months. However, he jumped at the chance to work as a piping inspector at PetroVietnam before heading over to Malaysia to work on the Rapid Project for the next 2 years.

These moves didn’t happen without training, as Son had already completed a CSWIP Welding Inspector course in Vietnam as well as holding Radiographic Interpretation and Painting Inspection certificates. He believes that these skills complement each other and provide greater flexibility in terms of controlling his duties as a QC Coordinator.

If you see a great opportunity, grab it in a second to gain more experience. After all the more you learn, the more you earn!

Vu Linh Son

In fact, Son believes that official training is integral to understanding a subject deeply. As he asserted, you may know how to perform some tests, but training will help you understand why tests are being done and why they are being interpreted in a particular manner. He also noted how training provides the fundamental knowledge that, when coupled with hands-on experience, can help solve problems on the ground.

Of course, it takes enthusiastic lecturers to answer questions and really make the training worthwhile. In addition to the knowledge itself, CSWIP certification provides proof of competence to a set standard, which Son believes can help get ahead of the competition when looking for work. Gaining a reputable certificate, like CSWIP, provides you with options and choices which can be translated to better job positions with higher salaries.

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