Cathodic protection is a method for protecting and controlling the corrosion of a metal surface underwater or beneath the ground by making it the cathode in an electrolytic cell. This can be achieved either through the use of sacrificial anodes or by using impressed current anodes.

Cathodic protection is a very specialised field offering well-paid careers in both off and onshore vacancies, either through an employer or as a self-employed worker. This interesting field of work provides genuine career progression and can result in employment opportunities to take you all around the world surveying pipelines and structures.

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Frequently asked questions

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Do I need any qualifications for this course?

No - you can some on the course if you have an aptitude in physics and maths at O-Level/GCSE for level 1 since you will study electricity and electrical units as part of the course.

How many days training would I get for each level?

For level 1, you will get 3 days and the exam is on day 4. For level 2, it is 4 days training with the examination on day 5. For level 3, it is also 4 days training with the examination on day 5.

Once qualified, what opportunities are available to me?

Once you have qualified, you will be able to take a job as a cathodic protection technician initially at level 1 and you would be supervised by a level 2 employee.

What knowledge should I have as a protection engineer?

As cathodic protection engineer you will need to understand the influence of coatings, making it an ideal next step if you have paint inspection or site coatings inspection qualifications. The CSWIP certified course that we offer covers all aspects of the technology in three levels.

What standard is the course based on?

The courses are based on the European standard EN 15257, which defines the competence level of personnel working in the field of cathodic protection. This standard specifies a framework of procedures for you to reach the required level for your career.