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GWO Working at Height and Manual Handling Combined is part of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) course portfolio, which sets the standards for training in the global wind energy and renewables industry.
Duration: GWO Working at Height and Manual Handling Combined: 2 days

What will I learn?

A GWO Working at Height and Manual Handling Combined training course includes:
  • Introduction
  • Legislation and behavioural safety
  • Harness
  • Fall prevention
  • Vertical fall arrest systems
  • Fall arrest lanyards
  • Dropped objects
  • Self-retracting lifelines
  • Control measures to prevent injury during training
  • Practical exercises
  • Spinal anatomy and posture
  • Planning manual handling
  • Manual handling techniques
  • Emergency procedures
  • Workshop - risks and hazards, and suspension trauma
  • PPE review
  • Rescue devices and rigging setup
  • Measures to prevent injury during training
  • Rescue exercises
  • Evaluation
Certification: Global Wind Organisation (GWO)

What will I leave with?

GWO Working at Height and Manual Handling Combined encourages positive manual handling behaviour and safe work at heights in the wind industry.
Upon completion of the course, delegates will be awarded with a GWO approved Working at Height and Manual Handling Combined certificate.
Certification is valid for 2 years. Prior to expiry delegates must retake GWO Working at Height and Manual Handling Combined training to remain certified.
By the end of the course, you should be able to:
Delegates completing a GWO Working at Height and Manual Handling Combined training course will be able to:
  • Understand hazards and risks associated with working at height specific to a wind turbine generator (WTG)
  • Understand current national and regional legislation related to working at heights
  • Identify PPE including European and global standard markings
  • Inspect, service, store and fit relevant PPE
  • Use PPE including harness fall arrest lanyards, guided type fall arresters and work positioning lanyards
  • Identify anchor points
  • Use evacuation devices and ladders
  • Approach rescue situations in WTGs
  • Demonstrate a problem-solving approach to manual handing in a wind turbine environment
  • Reduce risk with correct manual handling techniques
  • Identify aspects of job tasks that could increase the risk of developing muscluar/skeletal injuries
  • Understand the importance of carrying out work duties in a safe and sound manner in accordance with legislative requirements of a geographic work location
  • Understand safe practices of manual handling
  • Identify signs and symptoms of injuries related to poor manual handling techniques

What else should I know?

The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) have launched a Global Wind Industry Records Database (WINDA), which allows you to verify your GWO certificates with employers.  Registering with WINDA is quick and easy, and you must do this before arriving for your course.
If you require assistance with this, please contact us on
In attend the GWO Working at Height Manual Handling Combined you must
  • Be medically fit
  • Have registered with WINDA and taken note of your unique ID number

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