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Candidates who already hold BGAS/CSWIP Blast Cleaning/Preparation Operative Grade 5A. This course deals with the correct application of the protective paints and leads to BGAS-CSWIP Painting Operative Grade 5B approval.

What will I learn?

This course will teach you how to adhere to safety rules and regulations, interpretation of protective coating specifications, and material handling. You will also learn about use of inspection tools, coating materials-product knowledge, ventilation/protection system requirement, and mixing of coating materials. This course also covers thinning of materials, wet film thickness calculation, application of coatings, operation of spraying equipment, upkeep of spraying equipment, roller and brush applications, and housekeeping.

What else should I know?

You MUST bring:

  • 2 passport sized photographs
  • A valid eyesight certificate from a doctor or an optician showing satisfactory eyesight for near vision, permitting reading a minimum of Times Roman N5, or equivalent type and size letters, at not less than 300mm on a standard test chart for near vision, in at least one eye, corrected or uncorrected. Candidates will be required to have had a colour perception assessment by the Ishihara 24 plate test or equivalent.
  • A completed application form and full examination fee



The minimum duration for experience in the painting/coating industry prior to or following success in the qualification examination is 1 month.

For more information on the BGAS-CSWIP scheme, please view the BGAS-CSWIP scheme document.

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