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Radiographic Interpretation of Welds

10th Oct 2024

Middlesbrough, United Kingdom
Start Date
10th Oct 2024
End Date
18th Oct 2024
Course only
£ 956.00 + VAT
Exam only
£ 413.00 + VAT
Course + Exam package
£ 1,370.00 + VAT

Is it for me?

This course is designed for radiographers, inspectors, engineers, and surveyors who wish to interpret radiographs but do not have a good understanding of the principles of radiography. This course designed for personnel responsible for judging the quality of radiograph and reaching informed decisions regarding the identity and extent of the defects revealed.

Training in radiographic interpretation provides essential knowledge on radiographic theory and practice to enable interpreters to judge radiographic quality and practical interpretation of welds and castings respectively.

Measurement of optical density of radiograph
Measurement of optical density of radiograph
Interpretation of radiograph during a practical ex
Interpretation of radiograph during a practical exercise

What will I learn?

This course is based on real cases from industrial practice. Candidates are working to real radiographic interpretation specifications based on EN ISO standards (including the acceptance criteria).

The specific knowledge is based on minimum necessary theoretical background followed by number of exercises, which helps the candidate to gain confidence when working with standards and procedures and assure the correct approach and assessment to acceptance criteria.

The important part of training is spent on interpretation exercises. For each student a comprehensive set of radiographs is prepared. The difficulty level of assigned tasks is gradually increased so students will progress from basic of interpretation to advanced level.

During each interpretation session all students are assigned the same task but carry out interpretation independently from the rest of group under guidance of an experienced tutor. Radiographic interpretation is followed by sets of multiple-choice questions focused on key areas of radiograph. The questions provide additional valuable guidance to the student. Each of the sessions is closed by an open discussion on the correct answers and reporting. This open discussion environment provides additional learning outcomes – students may discuss their approach to a particular task and learn from other group members. 

Training is in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 9712.

The course ends with the examination.

  • General and Specific theory parts are based on multiple-choice questions
  • Practical part of PCN examination is based on written reports, CSWIP practical part uses again multiple choice question format

What will I leave with?

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the origin and nature of defects
  • Gain confidence when working with standards and procedures
  • Understand basics rules of exposure set-up based upon material type under test
  • Gain confidence when determining if the radiograph was produced correctly
  • Get familiar with the scope of the radiographic interpreter task
  • Gain confidence when determining if radiographic quality is acceptable
  • Be able to use acceptance criteria correctly
  • Gain experience of the workflow, which is common under industrial conditions
  • Meet the syllabus of CSWIP and PCN Level 2


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