If you are an experienced level 2 technician who wishes to progress in your NDT career, the next step is often a level 3 certification. The skills and responsibilities that you would need to exhibit as a certified level 3 technician are:

  • A good understanding of engineering concepts, including product knowledge, which is the key to understanding the best application of NDT for the chosen product
  • An overall familiarity with NDT methods
  • An ability to evaluate and interpret standards, codes and specifications
  • To be able designate and document the test method and control its application throughout a facility in accordance the standards and codes
  • To technically review results and offer guidance for improvements amongst NDT personnel and fellow engineers

Make key decisions within NDT

Our level 3 training courses are designed to nurture these skills and competencies in order to prepare you for level 3 examination.

Once you hold a level 3 certification you will often have to make key decisions within NDT, so it is essential you understand your chosen method and its applications extremely well.

Expert guidance across a variety of sectors

We can offer expert guidance across all level 3 methods applicable across a variety of sectors, including MT, PT, UT, RT, PAUT, ToFD, ET, ACFM, VT, AUT, CRT...

Our courses are available for classroom-based study and can also be offered remotely upon request.