Is it for me?

This course is designed for you as an experienced NDT inspection operative, supervisor or researcher engaged in NDT who wishes to attempt BS EN ISO 9712 (PCN or CSWIP) Level 3 certification.

What will I learn?

The basic exam will include a revision of product technology (materials, cast, wrought, welding, heat treatments, etc), certification scheme information, and revision of NDT methods at level 2.

The main method exams will cover general preparation and revision of chosen method at level 3, sector specific preparation and revision of the NDT method including use of applicable standards, and NDT procedure preparation and creation with use of applicable standards and specifications.

What will I leave with?

This course aims to:

  • State the responsibilities of a level 3 as directed by the relevant scheme
  • State the parameters relating to inspection of welds, forgings and castings
  • Familiarise you with the main certification scheme requirements
  • Explain the principles of the major complementary NDT methods
  • Prepare you for your chosen method exam at level 3 through revision and assessment in general and sector specific terms
  • Train you to devise and write NDT procedures and instructions for the inspection of component and/or weld configurations in the chosen method


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What else should I know?

ISO 9712 mandates training hours prior to Level 3 examination. It is strongly recommended that prospective Level 3 candidates ascertain their exact training requirements by contacting the training centre with details of ISO 9712 qualifications held and other supporting documentation.

Exam exemptions may also be available and must be obtained directly from PCN using form PSL/49, or CSWIP by contact TWI Certification Ltd.

To significantly reduce the training hour requirements, it is strongly recommended that BS EN ISO 9712 Level 2 certification in the method sought is achieved before undertaking Level 3 exams.

Course costs vary according to the training hour requirements and Level 2 qualifications held. For exam only prices, use the 'Examination' drop down link and select the relevant scheme.

Details on the training and experience requirements and possible exemptions for the chosen scheme can be found in the following links:

PCN - General requirements document Refer to Table 1; sect 10.5; section 11.

CSWIP - General requirements document Refer to Section 3.1. table; sect 3.2.2; sect 6.1; sect 6.4.

Please note:
All candidates attending a PCN examination (initial, retest or renewal) must provide photo ID (e.g Driving licence number, Passport number, PCN ID Card) on the day of sitting the examination. Failure to do so will result in the candidate being turned away.

PCN in India and South East Asia
We would like to bring to your notice that TWI India and TWI South East Asia have decided to withdraw ATO of BINDT. Hence, they will not be in a position to undertake any PCN courses or exams.

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