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The CSWIP 3.3U ROV Inspector online course is suitable for manned submersible or ROV pilots/observers. NDT inspection divers, surface NDT practitioners or those with an engineering/science qualification.

Completing the CSWIP 3.3U ROV Inspector online course cuts the duration of time required at a TWI Training Centre to a minimum. The online course is delivered in two parts covering theoretical and practical elements leaving you to only attend a TWI Training Centre for the CSWIP examination.

You will be required to complete the CSWIP 3.3U online theory course prior to attending the online practical course.

The theoretical training will be delivered via Zoom.  Candidates who have completed both theory and practical online courses, and successfully passed the end of course assessment can then attend the CSWIP examination at a TWI Training Centre.

What will I learn?

The CSWIP 3.3 ROV Inspector online theory course will teach you quality assurance; closed circuit television; calibration of equipment; cathodic protection systems; interpretation and recording methods.

The course is split into two covering the theoretical content in one session and the practical training in the next session allowing you flexibility when attending the online training.

The theoretical training is 6 days and once completed you then proceed onto the online practical training which is 5 days in duration.

To aid with your learning you will have access to course notes, presentations, class exercises, a tutor and homeworks.

Providing you meet the entry requirements and have successfully completed both the theoretical and practical training you can then enrol onto the CSWIP examination at a TWI Training Centre.

What will I leave with?

By the end of the theoretical online course, you will able to move onto the CSWIP 3.4U online practical course.



What else should I know?


To access this course you need to meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be a manned submersible pilot or observer, having completed a minimum of 15 operational dives OR
  • Be a ROV pilot or observer having completed a minimum of 100 logged hours of underwater inspection work experience as pilot or observer OR
  • Have a qualification in a relevant engineering or science subject which should not be less than an HNC level or equivalent and a minimum of 12 months subsea engineering related work, including a minimum of 60 days spent at an offshore site OR
  • Be a current or previously approved CSWIP 3.1U or 3.2U Diver Inspector who has held such certification for a minimum of three years, with a minimum of 100 logged hours of underwater inspection work OR
  • Be a surface practitioner certified under CSWIP, PCN in ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle or penetrant testing or equivalent approval accepted by the CSWIP In-Service Inspection Management Committee, who has a minimum of three years documented experience in the application of NDT methods related to offshore facilities and to have spent a minimum of 30 days at an offshore work site gaining familiarity with underwater techniques.

CSWIP-DIV-7-95 Part 2, 4th Edition, April 2018 can be found on the CSWIP website.

UK fee: £600.00 + VAT
To book, please email:

UK fee: £600.00 + VAT
To book, please email:

Exam dates
The UK price will be £946.50 + VAT exam date is confirmed.

The total combined price of £2146.50 + VAT gives a total saving of 25% against the in-class price.

To book please email:

What happens next?
When you have booked, they will receive an email confirmation with an electronic copy of the course notes. A further email will be sent with the invitation for Zoom.

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