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CSWIP 3.0 Plus - Visual Welding Inspector with Practical Module

16th Sep 2024

Cambridge, United Kingdom
Start Date
16th Sep 2024
End Date
19th Sep 2024
Course only
£ 1,285.00 + VAT
Exam only
£ 285.00 + VAT
Course + Exam package
£ 1,570.00 + VAT

Is it for me?

The Visual Welding Inspector course is designed for you as a welder, operator, line inspector, or foreman who carries out the visual examination of welded joints. It is also suitable for welding quality control staff and anyone who needs basic training in welding inspection, alongside a qualification.

In addition, this course offers some practical welding knowledge to help improve your understanding of the inspection of welded products. This consists of 2 days of workshop related activities alongside the 2 days of welding inspection ahead of the CSWIP 3.0 exam.

This course but without the practical module is also available: CSWIP 3.0 Visual Welding Inspector - Level 1 (2 days).

What will I learn?

This welding inspection course will teach you visual inspection procedures, relevant codes of practice and terms and definitions. You will also learn about welding processes and defects, weld measurements, practical inspection and reporting, and the typical welding inspection documentation and requirements.

The practical aspect of the course offers hands-on practical welding exercises including health and safety, process advantages and limitations, joint preparation and fit up conditions, causes and avoidance of welding defects.

All CSWIP requirement documents are available at

What will I leave with?

By the end of the course, you should:

  • Gain a knowledge of practical welding to enhance your understanding of the inspection of welded products
  • Be able to identify various weld imperfections (defects)
  • Understand the relevant welding technology related to visual inspection
  • Understand the need for documentation in welding
  • Be aware of codes and standards related to inspection requirements
  • Be able to carry out inspection of parent materials and consumables
  • Be able to carry out visual inspection of welds, report on them and assess their compliance with specified acceptance criteria
  • Pass the CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector qualification