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CSWIP Welding Inspector PLUS Theory Pre-course eLearning

04th Nov 2024

Cambridge, United Kingdom
Start Date
04th Nov 2024
End Date
08th Nov 2024
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£ 1,574.00 + VAT
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£ 411.00 + VAT
Course + Exam package
£ 1,985.00 + VAT

Is it for me?

This online pre-course learning will provide you with a thorough eLearning experience and an essential foundation of knowledge before attending the full, classroom based CSWIP Welding Inspection course. It will also allow you to identify areas of weakness or uncertainty that can be discussed with the lecturer during the full course delivery.

The pre-courses are also very effective as supplementary learning resources and visual revision tools to support the learning materials and course content from their full, classroom-based CSWIP Welding Inspection course. These packages provide comprehensive blended learning experiences that lend themselves to all types of learning preferences.

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What will I learn?

The package consists of eleven modules:
  • Module 1: Duties of a Welding Inspector - The requirements of a welding inspector before, during, and after welding
  • Module 2: Codes and Standards - Outlines what codes and standards are, and how the control of quality in a fabrication and welding situation is achieved
  • Module 3: Welding Terminology and Definitions - Language used, and considerations that should be taken into account, in joint design and weld preparation
  • Module 4: Welding Defects - Types of welding defects that can occur and how to identify them
  • Module 5: Welding Symbols - The different welding symbols that are used to symbolically represent weld joints
  • Module 6: Electricity in Welding - The basic principles of how electricity works and how current, voltage, resistance and polarity all affect the welding process
  • Module 7: Introduction to Destructive Testing - Destructive tests available to establish the mechanical properties and soundness of welded joints
  • Module 8: Non-Destructive Testing - Basic insight into the main NDT methods that welding inspectors will encounter
  • Module 9: Weldability of Steels - Definition of the term weldability, characteristics of steel alloys and their cracking mechanisms
  • Module 10: Heat Treatment - The different types of heat treatment that are used in material manufacture and welding operations
  • Module 11: Welding Equations - Describes a range of equations that a welding inspector may encounter, and how to perform them