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CSWIP Welding Inspector Theory Refresher eLearning

12th Oct 2023

Online Training, Romania
Start Date
12th Oct 2023
End Date
12th Oct 2023
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Is it for me?

This eLearning refresher course is designed to help you to refresh your welding inspection theory prior to re-taking an examination or prior to your CSWIP 10-year renewal examinations for Welding Inspector.

This eLearning option for the CSWIP Welding Inspection theory refresher enables you to learn where and when you want, and at your own pace, tracking progress as you go. Online learning also eliminates the need for travel and accommodation, so you can save time and money.

You must book your exam separately. Examinations must be attended in person at the specified venue.

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What will I learn?

This course is designed to assist in your preparation for initial examination resits or to prepare for the 10-year renewal resits (CSWIP 3.0 or 3.1). The eLearning package consists of nine modules:

  • Module 1: Welding Defects - Types of welding defects that can occur, and how to identify them
  • Module 2: Duties of a Welding Inspector - Requirements of a welding inspector before, during, and after welding
  • Module 3: Weldability of Steels - Definition of the term weldability, characteristics of steel alloys and their cracking mechanisms
  • Module 4: Non-Destructive Testing - Basic insight into the main NDT methods that welding inspectors will encounter
  • Module 5: Destructive Testing - Destructive tests available to establish the mechanical properties and soundness of welded joints
  • Module 6: Welding Processes - Main arc welding processes, the variables that affect them and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Module 7: Residual Stress and Distortion - Causes of residual stress and distortion and how to prevent them
  • Module 8: Welding Symbols - The different welding symbols that are used to symbolically represent weld joints
  • Module 9: Welding Inspection Assessment - Test on knowledge acquired from all the Welding Inspection modules

What will I leave with?

The nine modules on this course will provide you with the background information required for your CSWIP Welding inspector retake or renewal.