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This appreciation course is to give you an overview of Visual Welding Inspection.

The CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector appreciation course is designed for anyone who requires an overview of how to carry out the visual examination of welded joints and anyone who needs basic training in welding inspection.

This is aimed at those who wish to gain further knowledge but do not intend to sit the CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector exam immediately on completion.

Throughout your learning there is reference to examinations, which is aimed at those using it to become certified.

If you decide you would like to do the practical and exam day there will be additional fees.

The online material, as detailed below, covers the theory element of the course. The material will be provided after you log on the site.

What will I learn?

The appreciation of CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector online course will cover: introduction; typical duties of a welding inspector; inspection equipment; welding terminology and definitions; welding process video; welding processes; welding imperfections; plate inspection; practical plate guide; weld map exercise; weld gauge; weld gauge video; training plate walk through; practical inspection of fillet welds; training fillet walk through; fillet weld questions; welding safety.

What will I leave with?

By the end of the online appreciation course you will have an overview of how to:

  • Identify various weld imperfections (defects)
  • Understand the relevant welding technology related to visual inspection
  • Understand the need for documentation in welding
  • Be aware of codes and standards related to inspection requirements
  • Carry out inspection of parent materials and consumables
  • Carry out visual inspection of welds, report on them and assess their compliance with specified acceptance criteria examination



What else should I know?

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eLearning technical specifications
In order to fully access the distance learning material, you will need the following minimum system requirements:

Latest version of your web browser of choice (if possible) will provide the best experience

  • Recommended internet speed: at least 0.5 Mbps
  • Display resolution: minimum 1024x768
  • Ideal for use on desktops or tablets

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