TWI, in partnership with Skills Training UK, aims to produce the next generation of NDT engineers.

We are building on years of experience in training and education to help address the skills gap in the UK, which is particularly pronounced within the engineering sector.

We offer:

  • Training onsite or at one of our venues in Cambridge, Middlesbrough and Port Talbot
  • eLearning/blended learning options
  • CSWIP, PCN and employer-specific certification

The apprenticeship schemes also mean that employers can gain assistance with funding.

Ages 16 to 65

Work-based training programme

If you are aged between 16 and 65, we can help you start a career in NDT, improve your skills and prospects if you have existing experience or even change your career. On-the-job learning means that you will gain genuine experience that is directly applicable in the workplace.

A career in NDT

Alexander Tsougranis explains how to get into NDT, the benefits and the career progression opportunities.

Assessment and certification

Finishing with an end-point assessment from an external body, the apprenticeships offer a certification that can be tailored to specific employer needs to help establish a well-rounded, educated, skilled workforce.

While an NDT certification needs to be renewed every 5 years, as an apprentice you can acquire new abilities that can be taken with you throughout your career, including theoretical, practical and behavioural skills.

Realise your potential with TWI

Case study

Three new apprentices reveal what it is like to take an NDT apprenticeship.

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Training locations

With the staff and facilities to make your NDT apprenticeship successful, we offer training at at three of our UK sites - Cambridge, Middlesbrough and Port Talbot so helping you reduce travel time.

Furthermore, TWI's NDT apprenticeship training is supported by eLearning and blended learning options, allowing you to enhance the classroom experience and improve your skills and knowledge anytime anywhere.

NDT Apprenticeships with TWI

Stephen Wisniewski explains the benefits of NDT apprenticeships to both students and employers